It’s All About the Girls

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion on the news about whether or not girls should adhere to a certain dress code while in school. Should they be able to wear near-nothings? Tights? Short shorts? Cleavage revealing tops?

Many people claim that by dressing this way, they are distracting the boys from their school work. The boys are more concerned about checking out the girl in the next chair over, than they are about listening to the teacher.

Some people would say that in order to correct this problem, the girls should dress more modestly. At the very least, they shouldn’t show their hidden parts when they bend over.

But others ask the fair question, “Why aren’t the boys taught to look away? Why are they allowed to stare in the first place? Shouldn’t they be taught self-control?”

That is a fair question. Boys should be taught self-control. They should be taught that women are not pieces of meat, but instead they are fellow human beings, worthy of respect. Boys need to be taught manners and how to properly treat a girl.

Girls in turn, should be taught to respect themselves. They should be taught they they don’t need to dress provocatively in order to get attention or to move ahead in life. They need to be taught that their intelligence will be much more important in the long run, than looks will ever be. Looks will fade. Intelligence will last.

School dress code for girls or self-control for the boys? What’s the right answer?

Consider this: Your doctor has ordered you to fast for 48 hours prior to undergoing a surgical procedure. At lunch time, 24 hours into the fast, a coworker walks into the office with a juicy cheeseburger, loaded with all your favorite toppings. He sits down at the desk next to you. You know that you can’t eat for another 24 hours, but would you be able to keep your eyes from wandering over to that delicious sandwich?

There’s really no difference between a hungry man and a cheeseburger, and a hormonal boy and a provocatively dressed girl.

So, what’s the right answer? I’d say both…but women do have a lot of power over the male mind and that power does not belong in the classroom.

What are your thoughts? Control the boy or clothe the girl?


Indoctrinated Through Media

Years ago, we decided to say goodbye to television and replace it with streaming online videos. This enables my family to watch what we want, when we want and without all of the unnecessary, and oftentimes annoying, commercials.

Recently, I began searching through several of the shows that are currently being played on television in search of something new to watch. (Our show watching typically only occurs during dinner time – there’s more important stuff to do than sit in front of a TV all of the time.)

Within minutes of my search, I was shocked by what I saw. I guess I’ve had my head in the sand for too long. Even though I’m very aware that gay marriage is a huge topic right now, I had no idea how much it was being promoted on television.

Not only did I see it broadcasted in television shows, but also in documentaries, commercials and even one cartoon I ran across.

Whether you agree with homosexual relationships or not, is it really the media’s right to be indoctrinating our children through TV programming? Some things may seem innocent on the surface, but in reality everything our children watch is being absorbed into their mind. It is causing them to form beliefs and opinions; ones that may be very different than what we try to instill in them.

Fortunately, by choosing the programming ourselves, my son doesn’t see much of what is being shown out there. But, how many other kids don’t have that luxury? How many other children are being indoctrinated by TV shows, commercials and even cartoons?

Do you think that it’s the media’s right to indoctrinate people? Do you promote this type of programming, because it teaches acceptance?

If you don’t agree with the media’s approach, how do you prevent your children from seeing it?

Time to Speak Boldly

Out of comfort, many people choose to bury their heads in the sand. Out of fear, they choose to remain silent. Are we going to spend our entire lives too afraid to speak the truth? Too afraid to share our opinions? That may be easier, but it is far from productive.

Change has never happened as a result of comfort or silence. It is time to speak boldly.

After three years of blogging under a different name, I’ve realized just how many topics I have avoided, simply because I was afraid of offending my readers. However, just as I have written above, why be silent? There is so much to discuss – so much that needs to be discussed.

Hence, a new blog with new readers and possibly a few I already know.

I have a growing list of topics already, but I thought it may be interesting to find out what you would like to discuss.

Have you ever been hesitant to discuss a topic with someone out of fear of rejection or judgement? What was the topic? Perhaps we’ll discuss it on a future post.

I look forward to reading your topic suggestions in the comment section below.