Time to Speak Boldly

Out of comfort, many people choose to bury their heads in the sand. Out of fear, they choose to remain silent. Are we going to spend our entire lives too afraid to speak the truth? Too afraid to share our opinions? That may be easier, but it is far from productive.

Change has never happened as a result of comfort or silence. It is time to speak boldly.

After three years of blogging under a different name, I’ve realized just how many topics I have avoided, simply because I was afraid of offending my readers. However, just as I have written above, why be silent? There is so much to discuss – so much that needs to be discussed.

Hence, a new blog with new readers and possibly a few I already know.

I have a growing list of topics already, but I thought it may be interesting to find out what you would like to discuss.

Have you ever been hesitant to discuss a topic with someone out of fear of rejection or judgement? What was the topic? Perhaps we’ll discuss it on a future post.

I look forward to reading your topic suggestions in the comment section below.


10 thoughts on “Time to Speak Boldly

  1. politics, religion, abortion, overpopulation, global warming (climate change), manipulation of consensus. I would like to talk about a lot of these things. I get sucked into the arguments on facebook and then I think, whoa! This stuff is now out there, FOREVER, and it will be used against me someday. I try to tone it down now, but it SUCKS that we have to be afraid to speak our minds.


    • Those are some great (and very controversial) topics. I agree with you about the fear of speaking up. We shouldn’t feel that it’s necessary to keep silent, but unfortunately speaking up oftentimes causes more problems than we’d like. People are very quick to judge, but very slow to listen and even slower to consider that another person’s opinion may actually be better than theirs…or at the very least to accept that they have the right to voice it.

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      • that’s for sure, people are getting to be very intolerant (and I am guilty myself), I think it’s because almost everything has been politicized. When you’re talking about making LAWS that will FORCE other people to do/be/act/pay for the things YOU want and they don’t, then you are going to have a lot of pissed off and intolerant people running around.
        I think people are realizing (even if they refuse to admit it- even to themselves) how much freedom has been stolen in their lifetimes. It is a HUGE amount. I think that is having a big effect on society. I know personally, I do NOT want to give up even one tiny bit more of MY freedom and I fight as hard as I can to keep that from happening. Problem is, there are SO many battles to be fought, every single day they are coming up with more ways to invade my life and steal my freedoms, that it’s like you’ve been thrown in with the piranahs to be eaten alive!
        I am no longer tolerant of anyone who wants to take away my freedom for ANY reason.


      • You are absolutely right about freedoms being taken away. I always find it interesting how people keep fighting for freedom, but don’t seem to realize that with every freedom gained there are two more lost. Freedom is great, but we must still have boundaries and rules. Not everyone’s idea of freedom should be granted. That is what is turning this world upside down. People are allowed to anything and everything they want, while imposing their laws on everyone else and hurting them in the process. Freedom is important, but it’s not always free.

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      • you’re right, for every tiny bit we gain, we lose a lot.
        I agree with you that we need rules. I just think we need a hell of a lot LESS of them than we have. We need to get right back down to the most basic ones, that we absolutely NEED in order to live together in society. Things like not killing people for fun would be a good one for example. But why not just something simple like. Do anything you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone else. Along with that goes that you WILL be held responsible for your choices/actions.
        I would qualify that ‘hurt’ as being something that is objective, otherwise how would anyone else be able to tell you were really hurt and not just making something up cause you were pissed at your neighbor or something? If we’re going to make a LAW about something, then that something needs to be objectively judged by a jury of your peers.
        Of course freedom is not free, but our forefathers already paid a damn heavy price for ours here in the USA and it makes me sick how we have just wasted all their sacrifices. I do not feel at all free any more in the USA. In fact, I think we are on the road to tyranny, if we don’t crash the entire society 1st due to our insane levels of debt.


      • I completely agree with you. We are on a quick path to an all out revolt among the citizens here. This comment and the fact that it doesn’t seem to apply anymore, sums up a great deal of our problems here in USA, “you WILL be held responsible for your choices/actions.” People are allowed to do whatever they want, and freely place the blame on everyone else but themselves. It’s a real shame and has caused so much division and only seems to be worsening. You’re right -we should have freedoms, as long as they are used for the benefit of society and not for its downfall.

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