It’s All About the Girls

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion on the news about whether or not girls should adhere to a certain dress code while in school. Should they be able to wear near-nothings? Tights? Short shorts? Cleavage revealing tops?

Many people claim that by dressing this way, they are distracting the boys from their school work. The boys are more concerned about checking out the girl in the next chair over, than they are about listening to the teacher.

Some people would say that in order to correct this problem, the girls should dress more modestly. At the very least, they shouldn’t show their hidden parts when they bend over.

But others ask the fair question, “Why aren’t the boys taught to look away? Why are they allowed to stare in the first place? Shouldn’t they be taught self-control?”

That is a fair question. Boys should be taught self-control. They should be taught that women are not pieces of meat, but instead they are fellow human beings, worthy of respect. Boys need to be taught manners and how to properly treat a girl.

Girls in turn, should be taught to respect themselves. They should be taught they they don’t need to dress provocatively in order to get attention or to move ahead in life. They need to be taught that their intelligence will be much more important in the long run, than looks will ever be. Looks will fade. Intelligence will last.

School dress code for girls or self-control for the boys? What’s the right answer?

Consider this: Your doctor has ordered you to fast for 48 hours prior to undergoing a surgical procedure. At lunch time, 24 hours into the fast, a coworker walks into the office with a juicy cheeseburger, loaded with all your favorite toppings. He sits down at the desk next to you. You know that you can’t eat for another 24 hours, but would you be able to keep your eyes from wandering over to that delicious sandwich?

There’s really no difference between a hungry man and a cheeseburger, and a hormonal boy and a provocatively dressed girl.

So, what’s the right answer? I’d say both…but women do have a lot of power over the male mind and that power does not belong in the classroom.

What are your thoughts? Control the boy or clothe the girl?


2 thoughts on “It’s All About the Girls

  1. Would it be ludicrous to suggest that the solution is to give hormonal teenage boys more time to mingle with the girls, assuming all necessary body parts are covered? If the only time boys can talk to and look at girls is during class, then it should be no surprise that they’re not paying attention to the teacher. Not sure how that would though. Longer lunches? More social time? Mandatory talking to the opposite sex?


    • Perhaps, but I remember *a lot* of time I had during lunch, and before and after school to talk to the opposite sex. My time with them never seemed limited, but you do have a good point. Maybe if they had more time with one another, even in a classroom setting to learn respect for one another, then that would ease up some of the staring. Then again, hormones are hormones and I’m not so sure that the extra time would change anything.


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